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Our Catholic Life

May Prayer Bags

Children take home prayer bags during the month of May. Each day, a child is picked to take home the bag which contains some bible stories, a candle, a set of rosary beads, hymns etc and then children can write or draw something in the class book to share the next day with their friends. 


Early Years Easter Assembly led by Mrs. King

See a clip from our Assembly here!

Our Easter Gardens

The Charity Champions made Easter gardens for each class in the school. They wanted to make sure that every child fully understood the Easter Story and that there was no better way than having a real garden in classrooms as a reminder. Class teachers added flowers and plants to their gardens and made them unique for their own class. Children reflected as they were told each part of the story. Mr Williams lit a candle each day in his garden during this special period.  

Once again, the children made Easter cards and we bought Easter eggs to deliver to our housebound parishioners.  

Next year, the Charity Champions are going to find a way of setting up stations of the cross in school for all children to experience.  



A Special Visit

Bishop Tom Neylon visited our school on Wednesday 20th March as part of his diocesan work. He joined our Key Stage One assembly and spent time in all the Key Stage Two classes, where he kindly answered the children's questions, ranging from what it is like to be a bishop to what football team he supports! Some of our older pupils were intrigued by the large gold cross that Bishop Tom wore around his neck and couldn't quite believe it when Bishop Tom happily allowed them  to hold it, while he told them about the details engraved on it- linked to the Gospels. It was a real honour to have Bishop Tom with us for the day and we would like to thank him for taking time out of his busy schedule to visit our school. 

The Big Lent Walk

We took part in CAFOD's 'Big Lent Walk' by having a sponsored walk in School on Tuesday 26th March.

Here is a link to our Just Giving page: .

Thank you everyone who has donated! We had a wonderful day!




Christmas card delivery 2023


“Always be kind”

Our Charity Champions meet weekly after school to discuss concerns they have identified within our school or community. They initiate plans on how they can actively go out and help others. Charity Champions take part in Christmas/ Easter deliveries of handmade cards and gifts to local housebound parishioners. They organise collections for food banks and women’s refugee centres and have been involved in organising Christmas collections of toys and pyjamas for local families in need. The children are always willing to help with our Liturgical Year display in school and have been part of designing and making displays in Church too.  Most importantly, the children are wonderful role models for children in our school.