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INF 6 - Swimming

This event will take place on 04/06/2024 and on Tuesday each week thereafter until 02/07/2024.

Dear Parents,

All children in INF 6 will be attending swimming lessons at the Meadows Swimming Pool, each Tuesday afternoon commencing on 4th June 2024 up until 2nd July 2024, (ie 5 sessions). We have received the following guidelines from the School Swimming Service, which should be adhered to for health and safety reasons. Failure to comply may result in your child missing out on these vital lessons.

No earrings (including studs) or jewellery of any kind. Swimming Caps – all pupils Appropriate swimwear, as follows: - Girls – full swimsuit (no bikinis or tankinis). Boys – lycra shorts or trunks (no board /holiday shorts). All pupils with asthma will need to bring an inhaler on to the poolside. If a child does not have their inhaler with them, the teacher will not allow them to swim.

As your child’s safety is of the utmost importance, I am sure you will understand why the School Swimming Service have these guidelines. Swimming is an essential part of the curriculum. During swimming lessons your child will gain water confidence, learn four basic strokes, skills and personal survival techniques which could prove to be lifesaving. Please ensure that your child brings their swimming wear to school each Tuesday starting 4th June 2024