Parental Consultation

As you know throughout the year we ask you what we could do better or how we could improve. We value your views greatly so thank you for returning questionnaires and participating in the different consultations we do.

We asked you what was good about Holy Rosary. You were highly positive about the Catholic ethos, community spirit, belonging, teaching, communication, caring nature and dedication of staff, discipline, values, safety, multicultural opportunities, good manners and the school being well led and managed.

One of the main things you asked us to look at was reporting on progress.

We arranged meetings early in September so you could meet the teacher and find out all the new information and expectations for their new class. This was in addition to the normal Parents’ evening later in the term. We also arranged to have a review day in the Spring Term when you can come with your child to get feedback on their progress.

You also asked us to look at the spelling scheme and the Junior Christmas Concert.

We changed the spelling scheme and have had a lot of positive feedback since its introduction. The new scheme follows the Letters and Sounds phonics teaching and is for the whole school. It targets the spelling level that the child is at and builds on their previous knowledge. The homework is also much better and more enjoyable.

We had a separate Year 3 Advent service. This reduced the number of pupils and therefore adults attending the Junior Concert as it only included years 4,5 and 6.