Holy Rosary Church


School links with the parishes

Holy Rosary School is proud of its strong links with our local parishes.

The school is served mainly by the Parish of the Holy Rosary

Holy Rosary Presbytery and Parish Office
Altway, Aintree, Liverpool L10 2LG
Tel: 0151 526 8468; email: holyrosary@rcaolp.co.uk - www.holyrosarychurch.co.uk   

The Parish Priest is Fr Philip Inch

In addition to attending weekly masses with their families, pupils often attend mass during school hours. Some of these take place in church and some in the school.

When we have mass in school the chalice of the founder Parish Priest of Holy Rosary, Fr John Gillan, is used:


From our Parish History:

“The need for a mission in the area was first identified in 1939, but nothing could be done during the war years. In September 1947 Archbishop Downey appointed Fr John Gillan as priest-in-charge. Fr John took up lodgings in 34 Radley Drive. In October 1947 the parish was placed under the patronage of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Sadly, in October 1954 after laying the foundations of the parish, Fr Gillan retired due to ill-health. Fr Gillan was succeeded by Fr Meehan, under whose guidance the old farmhouse was put to use as the presbytery and in time the parish centre, church, infant school, junior School and finally, a new presbytery were all constructed. Building on the church actually commenced on the Feast of the Annunciation, 25th March 1955. The following October the foundation stone was laid and blessed by Archbishop Godfrey. On the 7th October 1956, appropriately on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, the church was finally opened.”

Children also visit church as part of their Come and See religious education scheme, where they learn about, for example, the symbols of Baptism. Children also take part in services at Christmas and Easter, and celebrate the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist, here at Holy Rosary Church.

Weekend Mass times at Holy Rosary Church are as follows:

Saturday 6pm; Sunday 10.30am – this Mass includes Little Church and is followed by refreshments in the Parish Centre.