School Council and Play Leaders



School Council 2017/18

The school council consists of two elected members from each class from Year 3 to Year 6. 

School Councillors can be identified via their badges.  This year's members are:

J1   J2
Ethan Hawksey   Halle Dickinson
Bella Davies   Kai Munnerley
J3   J4
Thomas Garner   Jack Heath
Emmy Devine   Olivia McGrath
J5   J6
Ava Armstong                                   Ashleigh Peters
Joseph Upton   David Torgal
J7   J8
Kyla Mahon   Anya Roach
Ricky Cole   Steven Freeman


The members work extremely hard to represent the views of their classmates and to work on whole-school projects.  They are intent on making the school as successful and enjoyable as it can be. 



Play Leaders 2017/18

The main role of the play leader is to engage infant children in purposeful games at playtime.  Play Leaders must be a good role model for younger children and need to show impeccable behaviour at all times.

Play Leaders can be identified via their badges.  This year's Play Leaders are:-


Group One            
Harry Lewis-Jone         Milly Derby                Joe Dinn      Anesu Munhenzva
Meadow Roberts   Millie Rea   Ashleigh Peters        Erin Devaney
Aimee Robinson   Niamh O'Brien   Libby Keeley   Deon Damian
Caomihe Bretland      Imogen Johnson        
Group Two            
Allanya Wrench     Anais Mullhall   Anna Rigby   Emma Jones
Lewis Shannon      Rachael Murphy   Isaac Jones   Ethan Parry
Tayla Rigby   Milly Sutherland          Ava Armstrong   Joe McGarry
Niamh Boyle   Hannah Prince   Aibel Joseph   Megan Fleming
Robert Walker   Sean Boulger