Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is:-

”Together as a family, we love, learn and grow in the presence of God”.

Aims of the School

To be a Christian community, living the Gospel values and fostering the spiritual, moral, personal and social development of all pupils.


We will do this by:-


• Thorough planning for the delivery of ‘Come and See’

• Providing opportunities for meaningful collective worship, making use of reflection and having a prayer focus in each classroom

• Undertaking celebrations in school/church, which reflect the church year

• Providing a caring, sharing environment where staff lead by example in relationships and mutual respect

• Implementing a PHSCE policy which includes circle time

• Providing training for lunchtime supervisors

• Involving all in mission statement reviews

• Providing "Rainbows for all God’s children" sessions for all those in need

• Ensuring anti-bullying, equal opportunities and behaviour policies are implemented and understood by all


To provide a broad and balanced curriculum which promotes high academic achievement and opportunities for pupils to develop as independent learners.


We will do this by:-


• Providing children with opportunities to have fun and enjoy their learning

• Taking account of different learning styles

• Weekly planning which shows differentiated and well suited tasks

• Employing skilled and dedicated personnel and giving them opportunities for CPD

• Having systems of assessment, monitoring and review to inform future planning

• Valuing and rewarding individual and team achievements

• Providing positive, consistent feedback with constructive comments for future targets

• Using a system to track pupil’s progress year on year, and using this information to improve performance

• Offering equal access to all activities without bias

• Offering opportunities for children to experience a range of ECA, trips and outside speakers

• Involving children in their own assessment/learning and evaluation processes

• Listening to the pupil/parent voice

• Developing creativity and promoting curiosity

• Providing active learning experiences and encouraging children to have a go

• Developing skills that will promote life long learning


To promote good communication and trust between church home and the wider community.


We will do this by:-


• Providing a welcoming, consistent, open door policy

• Encouraging parents and interested members of the community to become involved in the work of the school

• Holding information sessions for parents

• Providing information on pupil progress through annual reports and parents’ evenings

• Supporting charitable endeavours

• Promoting local community clubs

• Working with local church groups on community celebrations

• Supporting the parish priest and parishioners in sacramental programmes and other work of the parish

• Holding liturgical celebrations in church

• Working with Maricourt and other feeder schools for the benefit of all the children in the community

• Supporting and encouraging the "Friends of Holy Rosary"


To provide a safe, secure, healthy, stimulating environment in which pupils feel valued.


We will do this by:-


• Providing well maintained and attractive buildings

Ensuring health and safety procedures are understood and implemented by all

• Encouraging and reinforcing the need for pupils to have respect for property, resources and equipment and for the content and fabric of the building. This is to include pupils own property

• Establish an effective behaviour policy, with pupil input, based on rules, rewards and consequences

• Having a whole school approach to classroom routine

• Encouraging children to have the confidence to ask questions, raise issues and to feel their contributions are valued

• All staff and pupils showing respect, approachability and courtesy towards one another in their day to day relationships

• Valuing children’s work by celebrating it in many different ways